Why become an owner

You should prioritize the acquisition of your own aircraft, rather than a rental solution on demand, if:

  1.  You want to be guaranteed your aircraft is available every day of the year.
  2.  You want to be free to let your plane, for the time wanted, at your destination airport, with no restrictions or additional costs.
  3.  You want to choose the design of your aircraft, inside and outside, and be able to customize it as you wish.
  4.  You want to benefit from a dedicated crew you have yourself chosen, following a pre- selection from ASTONJET.
  5.  You want to make profit on your investment up to 10% per year. When you do not use your aircraft, ASTONJET will charter it.
  • Advice and Expertise
  • Optimization of costs
  • Checking and Rebilling at cost
  • Astonowner Report Extranet Access
  • Commercial Exploitation if desired

Because it is complex, tedious and time consuming for an owner to manage his aircraft (changes in regulation, compliance and security, control costs, insurance consultancy, sourcing, etc.), ASTONJET has created a unique management program, named ASTONOWNER.

Our job is to provide a simple, optimized and 100% transparent solution, with no additional cost.

With the ASTONOWNER program ASTONJET acts as the exclusive manager of your aircraft by collecting all the services necessary for its use.

Thanks to its technical and financial expertise, ASTONJET guarantees negotiated and constantly optimized prices on all contracts of your aircraft without reducing the quality of service or compromising the highest levels of security.

ASTONJET makes all the payments to all your suppliers and will then invoice you, in full transparency, at the exact euro, without any margin.

You receive only one invoice per month with the total cost of your aircraft.

You have access to an dedicated Extranet report www.astonowner.com to control your charges by downloading all original invoices from your suppliers, or get detailed statistics on your operating costs.

When you have no use of your aircraft and if you wish, ASTONJET with its Air Operator Certificate, suggests you renting your plane with its crew, for flights on-demand.

Monthly, you’ll get operating revenues paid by Astonjet for each hour your aircraft has been chartered with its crew.